Kat (Cat Rhinehart):

Possessing the terrible combination of idealism and naivety, Kat is an active day-dreamer who holds steadfast to the classic Hollywood lie that your soulmate is just around the corner. Every guy she meets could be the one, but she remains non-plussed when each potential partner inevitably doesn’t pan out. Kat is a typical insufferable LA transplant who’s myopia is dangerously close to sociopathic, but it seems to work… for now.

Olivia (Maria Shehata): 

Casually witty and with a bone-dry sense of humor, Olivia is the classic straight-man to Kat’s clumsy optimism. She is always ready to point out the caveat in any potentially exciting situation, and feels no pity for anyone who sees life through rose colored glasses. Olivia has her own problems in the dating department, but she doesn’t see her flaws as ever being the problem, though her trademark cynicism is often to blame. Appearing to have her life together on the surface, Olivia is just as much of a mess as Kat, and forces combined, the duo prance through life, leaving snafu after snafu in their wake.

Director of Photography:

Season 1 - Adrian Sierkowski

Season 2 - JaySin Matlock

Season 3 - JaySin Matlock, Tony Tallarico

Directed By:

Season 1 - Cat Rhinehart

Season 2 - Stephen Bailey (2 Episodes), Steve LaMorte (The Promise), Maria Shehata (Showcase Showdown) and Cat Rhinehart (7 episodes)

Season 3 - Stephen Bailey (7 episodes), Kerri Fernsworth Feazell (East Vs. West), Jeff Feazell (Double Date), Maria Shehata (Voice Call), Cat Rhinehart

Edited By:

Season 1 and 2 - Cat Rhinehart

Season 3 - Cat Rhinehart, Ryan Reyes (Friday Night), Cody Miller (Free Couch)


Season 1 - Vince Wong

Season 2  - Stephen Bailey

Season 3 - Stephen Bailey, Anthony Massung


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